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@Iluvhandbags wrote:
Pearly - are you referring to the lace godet top? I really love it. The only thing is that I am in the process of losing weight and the size down was sold out so I did order my usual size and it's a tad bigger in the back than I would like but it's totally doable. I love that lace detail but looks great zipped too. I got the pearl color but I think I want the black one too. I can see it very slick and chic zipped and more dressy unzipped with the lace exposed. Since the TSV is now on wait list in my size in black, I might order the other instead.

I fell in love with this fabric! Not sure why I waited so long to try this particular part of the line. Love my LOGO!

@Iluvhandbags  Yes, that top - sorry I'd meant to bold that part of your post but apparently forgot to.  You must have the antique white. That's actually my least favorit one - although I have it too.  I thought the zippers looked "clunkier" on it than any of the others because they looked  a bit "too dark" against the antique white and i think look better on all my other colors.   Be careful zipping and unzipping those zippers as they can easily catch in, and tear, the lace which fortunately has never happened to me.   it's a nice option to have but I can't imagine ever wearing the top without the lace showing.  I zip to wash, though, so the lace doesn't get cut by the zipper in the washing machine.

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Cider...gray you ladies are referring to the hooded, pleated French terry jacket, I just got mine. HeartHeartHeart it!! I plan to get another one, if they're still available.

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i got it in the black......a no brainer. i did go up a size and it is comfortable and cute. will definitely get a lot of casual use out of this, especially for three seasons. i MIGHT get another color, although i wish she had done these in brights.....i dont buy a lot of pastels. i prefer brights and neutrals.

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