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@StephaniM I pre-ordered mine, would you mind sharing what the upsell is?

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@CareBears wrote:

@StephaniM I pre-ordered mine, would you mind sharing what the upsell is?

A284921 Cotton Slub. 

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I didn't think Antonella looked good in this TSV. I don't find it flattering unless you want to look pregnant. Carolyn is wearing it and looks terrible. I don't get the big draw on this line. I would not buy it unless I could try it on. It is too expensive to try on and return. As we all know, it just depends on how you want to spend your money.

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I like the coral, but I'm not buying it.  I have so many of her tops and don't love it.  It's too expensive for a T.S.  $40 and I'd have purchased!

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The Lori Goldstein clothing line is fun to wear, and makes me happy. I hope those that don't care for this brand can find one that makes you feel good. 



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I agree with you that it did not look well on Anitonella (sp) or Carolyn.Has anyone ever mentioned that wearing anything over the rayon span causes the rayon span top to  pill horrible??? I bought the top with the vest last week- ish and although the material is thinner... it pilled right at the chest area and I have no chest. I have three of her jackets with the faux suede pockets (the early ones with the ponte knit) and I have ruined more logo tops underneath than I care to mention. I could not believe it. I see the models wear the vests and lounge cardis, but no where can you see what it is doing to the top underneath. I have been waiting for a LOGO Girl to bring this up.  Thankx for the comments. No I am not buying any more LOGO for some time.

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@Pearley wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

 Just will not pay $60 for a top like that.  Cotton Slub knit.....Her price point is ridiculous for the material and style. $30 is more reasonable.   Lori  must need a new house or mercedes.

@SeaMaiden  First of all, the price for the TSV  includes two tops, not "a top."  Second of all, it isn't her cotton slub fabric, it's her French terry.   Third of all, just don't buy it. if you don't want to pay for it;  Easy peasy.



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I agree with those who've said this doesn't look flattering on Antonella or Carolyn. Ditto for Jackie the model, IMO. The problem is, if you have a defined waist, this style hides it, adding unnecessary girth to the narrowest part of the body. It grazes the widest part of the body-- the hips-- and then flares out just below them, making them look even wider. This is just my opinion, and others will disagree.

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I think this tsv is really cute. But it is way overpriced and I am not sure how this would look on my tiny body and how small the XXS really is. But if it was cheaper I might try but not worth the ten bucks to send back if it didn't look good. But the color combinations are pretty. I think Carolyn looke great in it with her jeggings.

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I've always called this brand hobo along with some others, but I'm thinking about eating crow and buying both the mink & coconut! Looks cute with the variety of pants shown.