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Re: LOGO SHOW 10/26

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Today I received something not from this show, but from an AS IS LOGO purchase so since this is the most recent show thread, I'll post here.  

The original item is A237522 and the AS IS number is A260728.. They are black leggings with invisible zipper at the bottom.  The price I paid was only $21.89 on three EZ pays.  I couldn't be happier!  First off, they fit like a dream in my size medium and they are so comfortable.  I usually wear Lori's leggings in petite and although these are slightly long on me, not being petites, I did like Lori did in the video and just unzipped the zipper a bit. And if I don't do that, they still scrunch up nicely - not too much because they aren't that long on me.


Even better, they were totally pristine.  Had it not been for the As Is flyer in the bag, I wouldn't have known they hadn't come right from the manufacturer brand new - it hadn't even looked from the outside as if anyone had opened the bag but someone did to put that flyer in.  And they are in absolutely perfect condition - I honestly think they are brand new  - they don't seem to have even been tried on.  Maybe there is some irregularity somewhere and they are brand new, just "seconds" but if so, I can't detect it. I'm thrilled with these and will get lots of use out of them.  So comfortable and so cute!  They are warm too. Not like fleece-lined leggings but a good heavy (not too heavy) weight to wear in fall and winter.  A great purchase!  I love how comfortable LOGO clothes are!