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I've been boycotting them for years because of the extra price on the plus items.  They still ship the catalog because I do buy for DH and my daughter occasionally.  Well, I was casually thumbing through, and to my astonishment, they have switched to one price for all sizes.  Yay !  Thank you QVC and HSN for leading the way.

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@depglass    Has Macy's moved to one price?   I'm out of the plus department but I know when I was there, they wanted $10 more for a blouse I liked.  

i lived well without it - and didn't try shopping clothing again for at least a decade when I had finally moved into misses..


Even now, I very rarely buy Macys clothing -  too many other good choices where I live.

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@depglass ...............I used to shop at LL Bean all the time, when I lived up north.  At that time I was young and slim but I found the women sizes ran very small.  I bought the mens flannel lined jeans and their flannel shirts because they fit me better and I liked mens colors of the shirts better than the womens.


In fact I have been window shopping their website because of the lack of heavy winter material in clothes elsewhere.  Now that I am older, heavier and busty I think I will still buy the mens shirts.  It gets quite chilly in the winter here in NC.


LL Bean may be a little pricey but their quality and customer service is excellent.


Several years ago I went backpacking in Maine and visited their store in Freeport.  It was enjoyable.  I bought several things while there and had them shipped home.

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Re: LL Bean goes one price

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Good to hear, I didn't like that either but HSN and QVC did noy have any influence  on LL Bean's pricing structure.  Most retailers gave up the plus size penalty years ago.  LL Bean most likely eliminated it because plus size customers complained loudly and sales were down in that category.  I know I would bypass any retailer that charged more for plus sizes.

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Thanks for letting us know of this change,happy to hear it as always off when you had to pay extra for a plus size at LL BEAN ,always liked their clothing. for myself or gift giving .

 I have mentioned  on other forums here , years ago  always saw  the regular sizes always sold out first ,now I see plus sizes now go  up to 5X, and see those  sizes are sold out on the shopping channels first.

They finally  learned that  there  shouldn't be discrimination in pricing ,think they did the right thing for their business.


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@Imaoldhippie You are definitely on point about the quality.  That's the only place my BF buys his work tee shirts.  First off, they have an extra large tall and they are the only ones that I can wash and dry repeatedly that don't shrink to children's sizes. We just wait for them to go on sale.  Duluth Trading also has good quality but the shirts are substantially heavier and a bit too much for the climate here in the southern part of NC

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I own and wear a lot of LL Bean clothing, been purchasing for years.  I love them and I also have their credit card which has great perks, rewards, free shipping.........on and on Smiley Happy   Happy they have adjusted their plus size pricing.

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I have been buying from LL Bean, for over 10 years. I just received a catalog from them this past Thursday.  They may have gone one price on items, but that is because they raised the prices on everything.  I buy mostly men's shirts, and the average price is now $64.95.  I didn't order any.