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I saw a few things mentioned here and was wondering if Louis' line is being phased out or what?   I purchased many of his items through the years and they are gorgeous.   I miss Louis being on the shows, but I understand why he no longer makes the long trip.  I  hope QVC isn't discontinuing his beautiful line of clothing.

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Louis has announced on his blog that QVC is dropping his line.  He will no longer be designing for QVC.


If you see anything you want, you better scoop it up.  It's your last chance.

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@Daysdee  If you go to the forums called My favorite brand and the Linea forum you will see what is going on.

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There will be no new Linea after this month. Check out Linea under after clicking on My Favorite Brand to the left of this. If there's something you want order it now.

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@Daysdee Many Linea items have been marked down in the last few days and there is a clearance show sheduled on 12/22 at 2 am.  Now is the time to grab whatever you can!

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I didn't need another whisper knit sweater but I just had to buy one to have one more in my closet.  I got the dark gray sleeveless turtleneck.  Perfect for under jackets.  I can see why everyone is trying to scoop up the clothes that are left.