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Just to clarify, I don't collect black dresses.  I bought the one I posted for upcoming funerals, but the ones below that are just ones that I like.  Black is not flattering to my skintone, so I own very little of it.  I know that a lot of ladies DO love black, so I was just posting some options that I like in general, not that I would wear the other choices to a funeral.  


For instance, I like this T. Tahari one, because it reminds me of papel picado.

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I like the scalloped one you chose @lolakimono. The shoes on that model are cute, too!  I am fond of sleeveless things so I like the ones you have shown here. Thanks for sharing.Heart

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I love the concept of the LBD but in my real life, I don't wear dresses much, black or otherwise. I do have black trench coats though. 


The last funeral service I attended I wore black ponte pants from NYDJ paired with a teal blue rayon knit tank and matching waterfall cardigan. I have not worn the twin set since as I'm not big on rayon knit fabric.



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@lolakimono wrote:

@Pook wrote:

I have not really observed anyone in a dress at a funeral in many years and black is not necessary.  The old "rules" don't apply anymore but your choice and what you feel comfortable wearing.  The dress is really nice but seems way too dressed up for a funeral. The idea is to comfort the family and pay last respects not be a fashion plate.  


Things are more casual in today's society, but there are 3 people in their 90s in BF's family, and for shiva one should be covered up.  One of the group, who passed a few years ago, used to invite family for dinner at a nice restaurant and would specify "no jeans" on the invitation.

@lolakimono Love your dress.  Perfect lbd with a twist.  Nothing about it too formal or overdone at all  


Being a little more dressed up is always appropriate.  It is unbelievable what society now finds acceptable.  Being well dressed does not mean that you are trying to show off-- what nonsense!  Go with your gut and present your best you even if others choose to chow up in jeans and sweats!,

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@lolakimono  Morning Ms Lola, your LBD choices here are really nice.  You mention wearing black for funerals, I'm sure you as our fav fashionista knows one doesn't really need to wear black.  I think navy, grey, brown, charcoal are acceptable as well.

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Re: LBD- Your Picks?

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Most of my LBDs are by Calvin Klein and Tahari.  Various necklines, sleeves, embellishments, and fit, but most hit just above the knee.  No matter the designer or style, I will pass if it's too short.

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Re: LBD- Your Picks?

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@lolakimono, of the ones you posted pics of, I prefer the one you chose, but, of course, it would be much too short for me personally. I think it could be worn to many different occasions also, not just reserved for funerals. As others have mentioned, funerals do not require only black clothing, navy, gray, etc. are perfectly acceptable these days. But black is more widely worn to those sad occasions, to those who don't choose to show up in jeans or sweats. lol

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I generally do not wear black near my face any longer; and, if I am going to a funeral, I usually wear navy blue.  However, every one of those dresses is beautiful.  I especially like the one with the long lace sleeves.  I will be looking for it in another color.

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I love your choice--a perfect LBD!  It reminds me of the pink dress you purchased not long ago.  Same designer?


I will say this about funeral attire.  At my mother-in-law's wake, the funeral director commented on how our VERY large family was dressed nicely, lamenting that sometimes people show up in jeans.  It was easy to read between the lines that there was a bit of disdain in his comment.