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Looks like the top needs something underneath.


Wonder what happens when she bends over !?!?!?


oh my !   Desperate.   She must be wearing boobie tape.  I do like her chains though.........gettyimages-1068691058-1000w.jpg

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is inappropirate

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I saw that photo on a gossip site that said she had dinner with her ex and his young girfriend (Lionel Richie's daughter). That explains the top...a statement for Scott yet shows her insecurity.  Interestingly, the Richie girl was shown wearing a short dress but no cleavage.  

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  I like low cut tops too.So I’m not a prude.IMO this top is too low cut. I would have put on a stretch Lacey tube underneath. It would have made the look more classy rather than cheap.

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giphy (2).gif

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PHEW!  Relief!  When I saw the thread title, I was thinking Kourtney was selling on QVC!


While I certainly would never wear that top and would not ever in my life have worn it, I do think in her world that top is most likely perfectly   acceptable -  sort of like string bikinis and many other fashion choices are. 


I can't even ascribe any personality trait to her choices because she is so far out of my realm of existence that I can't attach meaning to anything she does.

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This family craves attention of any kind!

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What top? LOL!!! I thought it was a scarf that fell from her neck. (kidding)

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Maybe she put it on backwards.


Kidding of course.

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Who is that next to her in the picture?  That person is  Botoxed to death...fillers and fish lips?