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My daughter ordered the berry pink color because they have wide widths. Yes, she knows the fur is faux; yes, she knows they will have to be sprayed (not a big deal to her); yes, they are not "real" UGGS. But for her purposes, at the price point, they were a good choice.

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@jonbon -  I think the pink is the best - so cute -  I hope your daughter enjoys them!

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@SilleeMee wrote:

Neither UGG nor Koolburra have water-resistant suede uppers which means they need to be treated with a suede spray often to help keep them from getting ruined by water.

Koolaburra uses man-made materials in their interiors while UGG is made of genuine sheepskin with the interior being the fur of the animal. Not to sound gross but I own a pair of UGG boots and they have an odor on the inside b/c of the real fur.


I prefer BEARPAW b/c those have permanently treated suede uppers,  the interior lining is a wool blend (removable footbed liner is genuine sheepskin) and breathable. They also offer outsoles which have more aggressive tread for better traction.

@SilleeMee I knocked over a bottle of cooking oil and it dripped all over one of my Ugg boots. I immediately tried rubbing the large spots out with a wet cloth thinking that it was hopeless. Imagine my shock when later that day I could not see any evidence of the mishap. I had never even treated them beforehand. I would have been really sad if it had stained. They are a lilac color and I still have and wear them 10 yrs later. 

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Amazing! Glad that oil didn't ruin your UGGs. wow.

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Actually, I'm a fan of Lamo's! They just work for me. I did try these in the black. I've never had Koolaburra before. I've also never had Ugg boots before, although years ago, before they were what they were today, I bought a pair of Ugg slippers. They were on the bottom shelf in a small store and looked really comfortable. They were inexpensive and I think they were trying to get rid of them. I still have them!  Smiley Happy

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I own a black pair of UGG's that were a Christmas gift to me about 6 or 7 years ago...still like new, love and wear them. Warm, cozy fur inside, natural feeling, soft, worn with or without socks.


I also have owned 2 different pair of Lamos, and while they are a "different animal", with faux fur inside...and especially for the price point...I have loved them just as much. Comfy, cozy, good quality.

If you don't want to spend on UGG's and don't mind faux vs. real

lamb's wool, I'd recommend this brand.


Didn't go for the Koolaburra TSV...not in the market I have enough cozy, furry, boots. They were cute looking, I liked the colors, especially that plummy/neutral/gray, and the little knot (not a bow to me) didn't bother me. But probably, if I was in the market for this type boot, and didn't want another UGG, I'd go for Lamo again. Have only had good experience with them.

We also have a good UGG outlet nearby.


I did notice, at 8pm none of the sizes and colors of the TSV were sold out...never a good sign.