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I don't care for this style of boot.  I've had Uggs and Bearpaws but never wear them.  They're hard to get on and off, plus when you wear a size 11, there's just too much clunky boot to get in your way.  I find they're warm but not particularly comfortable for walking.

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I think they are a bit clunky....and dont do much for a femine look at all.  But its the trend that never seems to die...wide looking clunky feet...and YES I own 1 real UGG and ones like these. My daughters bought them yrs ago.  The original uGG is more expensive but your feet really breath in them and never get sweaty,  

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@AuntG the bow is a definite no for me plus they have to be treated. These are a pass for me.

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Been there, done that.  I'm not interested in that type of boot.  

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Ya get what you pay for.

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My UGG boots are the style that goes waaaaay back.  They're leather with the metal UGG plate on the back of the heel, and have the sheepskin going all the way up to the calf. 


Other than the leather being lived-in, the boots are like new.  I never wear socks with them, and they are incredibly warm.  I only wear them on blistering cold days each winter.


I think I've had them for at least 10 years. No need for any other pair.

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You do get what you pay for and I think this is a nice option for some folks to be able to afford that style of boot.   However,  for me  being early 60's   I felt silly.  It's just not my style and I don't think  an original UGG would be any better for me.  I tried these last year when they had a similar boot.     I know, age shouldn't matter and most times it doesn't except this time  LOL!    I think they are cute on other people.  Colors are nice!  

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I think they look cute for a pop of color, and I think they look easy to slip your foot into. I'm not a fan of flat bottom footwear and always find myself needing to insert arch support. I just can't justify buying more boots.

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I like the all Black option.  

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I think these would be a great choice for a kid whose feet are still growing.