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Maybe I'm just don't go places that women would wear Knitted Joggers like the picture below.  Am I just not *on trend* ? I just don't see myself wearing this out to dinner or to the movies etc...  I guess I see myself wearing them to walk the dog  LOL   I purchased a pair of Lisa Rinna joggers, never had them on, I think they blouse around my ankles to much and I they look ballon pants.   Maybe I need the petite so they hang closer to my legs?  idk


AnyBody French Terry Jogger with Snaps - A372615

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It's okay not to like them. I don't like them either and I also tried pair. Just wasn't a fan of the look on myself

In general I'm not into knit pants ( nor athleisure). I prefer the structure of a woven

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As long as they aren't heavy, I'd try them.  I agree it's okay not to like them.  My mother can't wear pants that have the elastic around the ankle.  They are always too long.






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@Lillybee22  - I agree with you.  I would only wear them around the house or maybe running to the grocery store.  Going to the movies, etc, I'm more of a jeans girl.  Regular jeans, that is - not the jeggings/leggings.

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I felt the same way until I broke my arm in several places and couldn't use that arm so dressing for several months was limited to these  types of pants so I could get them up myself since they are a soft stretchable fabric.   I adapted them to my eclectic style with unusual not boring tops and have received so many compliments.  

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I've thought about buying a pair of joggers to wear around the house.  They look waay more comfortable that jeans.  I doubt that I'd ever wear them out and about -- and I've never seen anyone wearing these in my travels around town.  I tried on a pair of joggers in a store.  Liked them but I'm still undecided.  Those pictured are cute, but the tie at the waist would have to go.  


@Pook-- I never wore pull-on waist pants until I had shoulder surgery two years ago.  Now I'm hooked!

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I was a naysayer unitl I got cold walking my dog outside. LOL. I bought a pair of joggers and they are warm and cozy. I think the cuffs helps keep cold air out. 

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Re: Knitted Joggers

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I thought I would never wear them.  But when I was able to find a brand that was long enough in a very soft comfortable fabric with a great simple tunic top, I bought a couple of sets.  They are comfy and for very casual occasions (walking the dog, tai chi etc) and perfect for my weekly chiropractic visits.

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No I don't like these or any of the joggers they do. I do not like the ribbing they do around the ankles.


I have a couple prs of joggers that I love. The front portion of the edge of the bottom are made like a nicely finished pant/trouser while the back has only a soft inch or so of elastic. These are so much nicer because they don't give the appearance of a jogger which I really like.


These full bands of 4-5inch elastic all around do not stay down on the ankles either - cannot stand them creeping up the legs.

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I would only wear knit joggers for around the house as well and walking my dog if I owned any.  But I don't like them on me anyhow.  I bought 1 pair, super cheap, and wore them a few times to walk the dog then tossed them.


However, if anyone is interested, Sam's Club has some and they were in the $13.00 range I believe. They were the thicker knit ones.