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I've never ordered any of her she is showing tonight,is darling,but 50.00 for a darn top?give me a break
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I flipped for a quick second, saw the frayed cuff pants and thought, well, those are different and then looked to the left..........$60+


What!  Does she want to retire with selling one pair of pants??


That's crazy.

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I have a dozen or so of her pieces. I don’t feel like I overspent on any of them. Not everything is for everyone.
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Is this a thread about value or style?


If I really like an item and I know I have to have it, I am willing to spend a bit more.


Also, items that are designed well and use high quality materials will always be at a higher cost.  It is good to look out for sales.


Kim's clothes seem to be a casual and happy brand.  I have been tempted, but my closets are overflowing with QVC casual clothes.


I have paid more than $50.00 for LOGO and the Isaac sequin top, and much, much more for silk blouses by Vince and St. John and Lafayette 148 (because I love silk.)


It is okay to splurge sometimes!  Just make sure the budget balances in the end...

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I hear ya!  I only spend more money when it's for a special occasion.  When it's every day stuff, I am more frugal.  I like more variety and I am not hard on my clothes, so I tend to spend a bit less on things.  If I spotted an item that I was just so in love with that I couldn't stand to be without it --- then, I might be willing to spend more!  

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@Luvsmyfam ,

I think most all of QVC's things are overpriced. 

And the ones who defend the prices, really lets face it , they have the income or assetts to afford it.

But even so, whether I had the money or not, I do not think their clothes (and many other things) are priced to be competitive, 

I can look at so many other stores, online and in store and see so many other reasonable prices that are according to the value of what they are selling. Macy's even Nordstrom sales.

Not being ridiculous and thinking, yeah its ok to charge $50 for a t-shirt. People will think it is worth it.


People grow comfortable shopping with a certain store, like QVC so tend to try to defend their buying here.

And if they are continually happy, that is fine.


I used to feel the same way, but I just think QVC has hoped that they would have a new buying market with younger people with income and hoped to hold onto an older clientele with income.

They have really priced themselves out of the competitive market.

There are so many great "tops" at $18- and over sales and just standard,

for those who like to look around.





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@on the bay 


apologies for barging in - but i can't pull ur name up otherwise

pls go to wellness - thread about laminating ur card - DONT

i posted something from USA today 

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I don’t think something is overpriced because it’s more than you want to spend.
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This has been told on here a thousand times, but I will say it again.


QVC sets the prices, not the vendor.

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I agree all prices have gone up.  I do have to say though, Kim's line is of higher quality.  I own several pairs of her flexiblle jeans and a few tops and they are worth every cent and will out last me!