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I'm with all of you in comments but I really started to laugh as we know ADMIN reads these comments....and here we are using the shows for everything but shopping
Have they noticed sales slump?
Just askin'....
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She can be very loud,but that's her personality.Her clothes are rather high price compared to others.When she gets with another loud hosts,things get out of hand,then The channel goes off!

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I don't watch her because I do not care for her clothes. But that is my opinion and for you ladies that like her stuff, happy shopping!  I am a Talbots gal and I like some of Macy's INC to jazz up some of my Talbot buys.  

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RE: Maybe you could change the channel to Matlock rerun?Smiley Tongue



Enjoy your skinny jeans.  Your price was fabulous. Heart Don't pay attention to the snarky comments some people just hate to see others HaPpY! 

Smiley LOL





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I like KG personally a lot. I've only bought one item from her. A great military style jacket

with classic hardware. Sorry to say, many of her items are flimsy looking, 

synthetic fabrics very over pri$ed!


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I like Kim a lot, she is loud, but that is her personality-she seems like a lot of fun, and a very vibrant, upbeat person! I like her clothing as well. I haven't purchased a lot, but the pieces I did buy I like..To me, her prices aren't any more expensive than Isaac or Susan. I buy some Susan things as well-her tops are really nice and fit me well....



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She looks great. She has lost a lot of weight.   She's really a beautiful woman.   Beautiful eyes.  Love her hair.  

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Not a fan--just seems loud and over bearing to me--not interested in her clothing either so I never watch. 

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I've said this before..........


Kim is 'Sunshine on a cloudy day'.......Heart

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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I was neutral on KG until recently.

No sure if it was me or Kim but I now find myself attracted to quite a few of her tops.

And the Rachel/Kim combo works for me. I watched the entire show!