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I enjoyed her energy at first but you can only hear "know what I'm sayin" so many times before running from the room. Her line, like so many other's has even spandex to float a boat. My skin and heat regulators cannot tolerate it. 

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I like Kim. She refreshing and her clothing is top notch. Yes, she may have a big personality but so what? She’s fun and she’s a down to earth person. 

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I may have missed it, but has everyone seen that Kim’s getting her own QVC talk show? Will be selling Q items - not really sure how it will work exactly. Didn’t Dave James have a talk show type show in the middle of the night years and years ago?? Regardless, here’s the link (which was linked in one of Q’s own Facebook posts). If you don’t want to click, google “Kim Gravel QVC talk show”.
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So how come we haven’t seen Kim Gravel this holiday season? I haven’t even seen any of her clothing getting a presentation.

What’s up with that?

Things that make you go hmmm..