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I am impressed with Kim Gravel's enthusiasm and honest input regarding figure concerns many women emotionally struggle with (regardless of our size) is nice. She seems to truly want to be encourgaing to help women have a better grasp on their body issues and through laughter build confidence.  Confidence is a great accessory.  


As a customer I have purchased two items from Kim.  One, a white ribbed cardigan which fits and feels like high quality garment should.  I hope that Kim brings back more basic cardigans like this in 2019 because I would like to replace mine with a fresh white.  My other garment is a faux leather perforated jacket.  The jacket is impressive.  It looks good. Faux leather can sometimes be too flimsy to have the drape and fit quaity of real which I don't like, but Kim's faux is hefty.  To touch you can tell it's not real leather, but the weight of the fabric makes the jacket fit well like real leather does on the body.  

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There is always a negative Nellie in the group.

Dear God
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I enjoy watching Kim too. I purchased one of her tops when it was the special of the day and it fits well, lets just say it did fit well last year.  Now it is a little snug as I have gained weight since the holidays. Anyway, Kim is fun and I really enjoyed her with Teri Conn who did a good job hosting.

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@Thebig I 


I misspoke; In addition to the button down blouse, I recently received two of Kim’s tank tops. They were lunchtime specials, I think. They have just a touch of beading around the neckline. They appear to be made well, too. I just got them a few days ago. 

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Love Kim and have been thrilled with the few items that I have purchased.
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I have a denim Kim Gravel shirt, that I just got about a week ago. I haven't worn it yet, but I tried it on and I like it. Its long sleeved and we were having summer weather. Now we are back to winter, so I may wear it tomorrow if I go anywhere.