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Kim looks great today! 

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Agree!  They both look great!  Such a fun show to watch.  I loved the anorak jacket.

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I agree, too.  Kim looks beautiful in any color or style that  she wears.



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Looking for the tie blue top that's being shown on line with the blue legging pant?


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@ReeneS .......You need to give us more information.  Is it a Kim Gravel top?   What blue legging's (item number)?  Where online did you see it?

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I think Kim sees herself (height, weight, build, coloring) as her typical client, and that's why her designs look so good on her.

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Kim is beautiful. I have several pieces from 2 years ago but the loud prints the last two years don't interest me. Not to mention the prices and "money, money, money line.  Amy  adds nothing to the show and I'm sure owns everything so when Kim tells her to hurry & buy I am done.

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@barrel racer 


I don't hear any other vendors who start with the "Money Money Money" line.  It's old and ridiculous..never would I pay almost $50 for a pair of shorts.