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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

  I just checked again and the status has changed back to "processing." Back in the day I was a QVC super shopper, but the service and delays has made me shop elsewhere. If my shorts don't ship ASAP, I'll cancel. I get faster delivery from Ebay! Lol For all that responded....Thank you! 

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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

Same thing happened to me also. Fist they asked me to call CS. I did, they say my card wouldn't go through. There's nothing wrong with my card. They ran it again and there was no problem. I think it was just an excuse. Now backordered.
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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

@kate2357 wrote:



 There is a huge issue w/ off loading containers all thru west coast. Labor issues portside, as well as NO TRUCK drivers to be had. The lack of truck drivers is going to impact most items we use. Expect food costs as well as clothing costs to continue to rise. Long delays in all areas from clothing, furniture, computers, food ... the list goes on and on. This will not be the year for procrastinators ... you're really going to want to plan your big purchases, gifting, etc. Not trying to be doom and gloom, just prepared. Living on the west coast I've already seen the impact of having to wait 6-8 weeks to have appliances deliver and months for kitchen cabinets. UGH.

I feel your pain. We ordered new dining room table and chairs and were told it will take 3-4 months for delivery

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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

Happened to me on Cuddl Dud maxis (same exact dresses last yr had the same issue). Last yr I could understand bc of shipping issues during the pandemic, those took weeks before I cancelled, and one actually did ship.  Same style again, and I ordered "the first day or air" first and only showing of the day.  Week and a half later. backordered. Contacted Q social who I told my thoughts on this whole overselling and seems to be a problem frequently.  She said the dresses did not show backordered, suddenly changed to processing and received three days later.🤨


 Then, the Belle shorts that were a TsV I ordered before midnight bc SK showed them early in a preview.  Backordered in just a week and a few days later.  Still not received.


 QVC needs to pull it together, stop overselling, and as someone else said, first one who buys and claims a product should be the first to receive it.  It is enough with this.  

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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

I am not sure what you gus are talking. we ordered some outdoor furniture 2-3 weeks ago and it arrived a week later from we live on the west coast.

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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

The cargo shipping issues should not be an issue with this as they should have it in stock before they air it. Many people have gotten their orders, mine shorts however is lost in the UPS mail innovations shipping system and probably will not even get them. this is not the first time and I had to deal with this crappy delivery service so my buying days wil be less with QVC

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Re: Kim Gravel TSV Backorder??

I understand the shipping delays, but if QVC cannot get an item out in the mail within a couple days or if they are not in possession of the item, they should AT LEAST make note of that so that customers can decide if they still want to purchase.