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Kim Gravel Overdose

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Too much Kim it the Kim Gravel channel or QVC.....hard to tell but QVC obsessed with her & it is really too much.  Clothes, makeup.  Enough.  And I have bought a couple solid tops and they are ok...not particularly high quality & a bit overpriced but fine.   Her latest stuff all too much - ugly loud patterns that I dont think most folks wear day to day (or maybe they do?).   Please QVC find more diversity in your brands. She's fine but I dont need to see her what seems like everyday, all day!

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i am enjoying it


thank you Q!

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I 💭 thought the same the other day she was on. Although it was a low key cosmetics hour with her, I thought what you did.

But it's kind of like baseball. When the team is lagging, and it's a game like every other, you stick with the one player who can fill many gaps. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, holiday 

I'm thinking she's holding the ship up.

Look at this way, should you miss her one day you can guarantee she will always be there and the products are the same 😂.

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Re: Kim Gravel Overdose

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@DebNYC31 I thought the same thing, but I didn't want to get pummeled 😉

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I agree.

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I agree, but guess it's better than a day of vacuums and mattresses.

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As long as her stuff is selling, they will present it.  They're in business to make money and Kim's products are profitable.


Give it a few more weeks and the Christmas junk will take over,  but first, the Independence Day overpriced food products will be offered over and over again.


QVC has to strike while the griddle is hot.

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I love her and her fashion.   She has a great personality.

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This has happened for years.  Everytime they have a vendor whose sales are high, we are inundated with that vendor and product for months.  Then they go back on the "we will see them occasionally" schedule.   

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I remember the Philosophy, Bare Minerals and IT Cosmetics overdoses. I agree when a product is selling Qvc showcases it ad nauseum.