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I have seen this sidekick for a few shows now.  I think its her bff.


Not sure why they need her - Kim can pull it off by herself.

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More hoodies... and alas...a summer cardigan...

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It's her sister 🥰
Amy is another sidekick, she has red hair. I believe she's on vacation 🌴🌴🌴
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In wondered where Amy was , she must have taken a longer vacation.

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Kim just had a show on QVC2 this afternoon. 

I inquired. This is the reply:


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Amy Goins is a vocal coach at KG's Pageant Place in Georgia. Allisyn is KG's sister.

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I find Kim is very funny with her sister, very enjoyable show.  While I really like Amy also, wouldn't it be fun to have all 3 of them together?  I know it's not needed but it would sure be a hoot!

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@Toots711   Was this on during the silver day sale?  While I was watching, the host was Ali Carr.  She had on a pretty top by Kim.  They flashed the item number.  Do you know anything about it?  I thought it was cute.

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When Kim's Saturday night show started it was just Kim with her best friend Amy in the studio. Amy was usually running social media and commenting. I loved the two of them together, and they did a great job presenting.




When we were quarantined and all of the vendors had to stay home QVC added Courtney as the in-studio host. 



To me it's great to see someone with such a tightly knit support group. Kim and Amy have been best friends since they were young, and her sister Allisyn and her mom Jo are fun to watch too!  Smiley Happy