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I buy lots of things at Kohl's. Their prices & coupons are great! I have never had an issue with quality. 


I always restock my short and long sleeve tees from their Croft & Barrow and Sonoma brands. I can get those for $10 or less. I buy my Levis & Lee jeans there - sometimes online if my size isn’t available in my store. I also buy bras, pjs, slippers, jewelry, & belts. I bought a winter coat a few years ago.


I don't usually buy shoes, handbags, or from their home department. 

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@SeaMaiden   I don't go to kohls often because when I do I end up finding a lot of stuff I really like and therefore buy!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was there about 2 weeks ago and bought a number of really cute tops which is what I susally get there. After seeing all those cute physicians sun hat for ladies here I also tried some on to see how they looked, felt on, prices, so I found a cute on and bought that too. I can buy a lot of their stuff online too but I need to spnd a lot to get free shipping and they're so close to me, makes no sense.


I've always liked kohls, target too, marshall's.

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Thank goodness our Kohls is very neat, well kept and clean...I have a couple within a decent range.

That said - I do like really comes down to if you know your pricing. Some people don't want to be bothered ...some don't mind. I don't mind. I know my price point. I know what Kohls true price point is lol..


They used to take their coupons off ANY item but due to manufacturers pricing agreements -  some will not allow Kohls to to go below a price point; so brands that used to be coupon allowable no longer are...such as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, K-Cups to name a few. 


The managers I spoke to all said Kohls was willing to take the hit due to the high volume of traffic the coupons brought into the store but some companies wouldn't negotiate. 


They did allow coupons on everything for the longest time until companies realized they were selling the items on clearance then an additional 30% off. Companies like Nike wanted those items to go to stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlingtion etc.


I always did great at Kohls but I have noticed the last year their prices have increased. I do have my go to trendy brands like Candies, Vera Wang, Rock and Republic..


You can get their Flannel Sheets Cuddle Duds in the after winter clearance sales for dirt cheap and they are the best of the best in flannel.


If you know your prices it is all good and you can get great items, at great prices.


If there is a 30% coupon out..that 21.99 item will be 24.99...if there is a 15% coupon out that 24.99 item will be 21.99 works out within a range of a buck or two...again depends on the person.


I like Kohls!

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Yes, Kohls has a great selection of workout clothes; Nike, UnderArmor, Fila, Gaia...and their house brand of workout gear is terrific...Tek Gear. They have a Dry Tek propriatary fabric that I always buy in workout tops, pants, crops, etc.
They also carry New Balance sneakers.
I love Kohls!
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A few years ago,I left a bad review about some boots I had bought there. I got an email from customer service within a few days letting me know to return them for a full refund. 

Now that's customer satisfaction.

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My favorite brands are Croft & Barrow and Sonoma. That Kohl's KASH is dangerous!!!!!

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We don't have a really nice Khols where I live, for some reason the store is not laid out the same as other Khols stores. Yes, the price is right, but the clothes IMO are cheap looking. I know my son got great prices on their mens clothing over the years on sale, but IMO they are just not high quality enough. 

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I love Kohl''s the only place I buy bras and panties. I bought 4 spring/summer tops there last month - exactly what I was looking for, and spent around $50 with my coupons. I don't go there more than a couple of times every 3 months, but I always find something that I need. And if it doesn't fit, I take it back - 5 miles from my house and no shipping.