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@SeaMaiden wrote:


What do you think about fashion purchases you have made at  Khols?  They have a great selection....  super sales and coupons.  Thanks!


cute stuff,


but haven't been in a while 

because I don't need anything there


last time I was there it's great for jeans:  all sizes petites, regs, plus etc at great prices compared to (here) 

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Love Kohl's! I buy Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in petite short, Chaps, Vera Wang, Buxton, etc. They have beautiful linens for the home too. Between sales, coupons and Kohl's cash, they're great!

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I like their Croft & Barrow house brand. Unfortunately, I do not have a store that's convenient.



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Re: Khols

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I think Kohls items are overpriced so when they mark things on sale plus give coupons, people think they are getting a super great value.  In reality, the sale prices are more in line with what the items should be priced at to begin with.


I buy more home things from Kohls than anything else.  The quality of the clothing is okay, nothing outstanding but for the price, it's worth it.


I don't care for their shoe department or handbags.  


Don't even get me started on the Kohls cash.  99% of the time if I earn any, I end up not using it.  That is a benefit to Kohls. They issue you this cash which gets you back in the store and most people spend way more than the cash amount.  Win for Kohls.  If they want to give me a discount, just give me another discount, not future cash to be used.  

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I like Kohls.  I buy bras and underwear from there.  I like their workout clothes.  I've needed a few baby shower gifts, and I've gotten some cute Carter's outfits there. 


I buy a lot of home items. 


I don't buy handbags there. 

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I haven’t shopped at Kohl’s in years, but was there on Saturday to get something for my 93 year old aunt. She’s gone down a clothing size since she's been ill and has had a hard time finding pants in her new size. I found some on Kohl’s website and chose the “store pickup” option to avoid a shipping charge and to get them quickly. Within a couple of minutes of placing the order, I received a text telling me Kohl’s would text me when the order was ready. I thought this would take a while, so I called my Aunt to tell her I found some pants in her size.


Right after we hung up, I got a text that my order was ready and waiting at Customer Service. They told me where to find Customer Service in the store I selected and that I’d need the text message and a picture id. On the day before Mother’s Day, I had my order within 5 minutes of entering the store. The staff were very professional and friendly. There were only 2 people ahead of me, but they kept the line moving. Since Customer Service was at the back of the store, I passed through a lot of the merchandise to get there. Although I buy most of my clothes at Talbots, the merchandise I saw looked pretty good. They’ve got national brands, as well as their own brand (Crate & Barrel). If DH wasn’t waiting for me to get home, I would have spent some time there checking it out. I’ll definitely consider Kohl’s the next time she or I need something. 


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@Bri369 wrote:

I like Kohls.  I buy bras and underwear from there.  I like their workout clothes.  I've needed a few baby shower gifts, and I've gotten some cute Carter's outfits there. 


I buy a lot of home items. 


I don't buy handbags there. 

@Bri369, I do like the baby/kids clothes.  Cute and good prices.  

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I love Kohl's, it's my go-to store for lots of items.


Before Kohl's I used to shop mostly at JCP, but their quality and selection has gone down the drain.


All my pajamas come from Kohl's - they have the cutest sets. I also buy Lee jeans, capri's, shirts, robes, workout clothes and sandals. I love the Croft & Barrow and Chaps lines. They have a nice selection of silver jewelry - I've bought quite a few pieces over the years. Even my husband loves the store. He's gotten jeans and shirts, but he especially loves the kitchen department.


Our store is always clean and well stocked. The employees are always friendly and helpful. Having said that, I do the majority of my shopping online. It's way more convenient knowing I'll get exactly what I want without having to leave the house .....and I'll get a rebate too!!


Between their low prices, sales, coupons and Kohl's cash, what's not to love?

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And , don't forget....  Every Wednesday at Kohl's "seniors" get a 15% discount.  No coupons needed.   You just need to tell the cashier that you're over a certain age, and you automatically get the discount.  Cashiers will not ask - because it's impolite to ask a customer her age - you need to tell them.

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I ordered yesterday, they were shipped today, now that’s what I like !

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