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I love Kohl’s. It’s so affordable and love their discount coupons. I have been buying their tops and love the selection. I buy lots of stuff from other departments too. I mostly order online. Purchases are delivered quickly. No waiting 10 days for an order. 

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I don't really care for Kohl's.  I've purchased clothing, home goods, home decor, sneakers.  I found the quality of the clothing okay.  Have some nice pictures.  I think it's the constant sales that I don't care for.  Not that I don't like a good sale, but there are too many.  I never knew if I should wait.  Kohl's cash and all the restrictions drove me nuts.  I know lots of people that love it there.  I tried, just don't.  LOL.

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I like the Chaps brand for women. I picked up several cute tops for summer.

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I start with Kohls for my Cuddl Duds purchases. 

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There's a Kohls right at the bottom of the mesa on which I live.  I needed new luggage once so I  went in picked out a set, got a big discount on it for opening an account, and have never been back.  Due to issues with my back, I just can't browse and stand in stores.  Thank God for QVC.

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Around 7 years ago, I ordered so many clothes from Kohls on-line.Jeans, crop pants, tops, pullover sweaters, sweaters with zippers, pajamas. I've washed them so many times and they're all perfect (I don't put my clothes in the dryer - only on my dryer rack in my garagej). Last year, my roomie was moving out after 2 years and I asked what he needed because he was very helpful to me and I wanted to treat him. I purchased 2 pairs of Dockers pants and 2 Dockers tee-shirts on-line -- all were on sale and I got another discount - and FREE shipping. Delivered to my door a few days later. All fit him perfectly. 

If ur 55 yrs or older, you get an extra 15% discount - with proof of ur age - when shopping at their store on WEDNESDAY!!!!!

LOVE Kohls

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"My" Kohl's store is a giant MESS.....and I can't be bothered with "gimmicks".   (And, yes, I went there several times....and each time it was worse.)

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I don’t ever buy anything at Kohl’s expecting it to last more than a season. The store in my neighborhood is usually in disarray and I grow old waiting to check out.
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I've never been in a Kohls store nor have I ever purchased anything from them either.

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We looove Kohl's with all their coupons and Kohl's Kash.  In recent years I've bought almost everything there:  bed linens, rugs, kitchen stuff, luggage, kids' clothes for the granddaughters, toys, men's clothing and my clothing.  Since I retired and now wear casual clothes every day, Kohl's is the only place I shop.  We're lucky that the Kohl's near us is clean and organized -- I've been in other Kohl's across the country that are messy.   To me the quality of the Kohl's brands is very good, some excellent.  Better than D&Co the last few years.  I also buy name brands there such as Chaps, Levi's, Gloria Vanderbilt, etc.   

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