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@KatCat1  I have someone that does alterations, she is pretty reasonable but I need to try the pants on one more time.  If the rise is to long....they're gonna go.  I have several other pair of dressier pants, and I wear the same 3-4 pair most of the time!  No point in taking up space in the closet if I am not going to wear them that often.

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Excuse to buy new ! LOL

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@drizzellla  Fudge...Yes, I tried them on and they fit nicely, the fabric is nice.  I think I will keep 1 pair of the black and let the other two go.

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Keep them if they fit nicely.


Product quality is declining as time goes on.


Next year you may change your mind again and like the cut of these slacks.

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Donate. Alterations are only worth the money if you will wear them after they are guess is you won’t since they have been hanging in the closet for a year.
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Alterations are expensive - I say donate.