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Karl Lagerfeld will be going away so I had to strike while the iron was hot

I went to Dillard's Friday.  I really had the spring shopping bug, knowing it was probably going to get freezing cold here over the next few days, but wanted to get ahead of spring.


I love Karl Lagerfeld design although the man, not so much.  Just felt sorry for him that he could not find a more pleasant way to spend his fame and fortune than on being critical of so many lifestyles and body sizes.


But, I do like Chanel and I knew he designed the Chanel's that I love and I could find the same thing, lesser fabric, lesser price at Dillard's.


I picked up three lovely jackets, a black one in a button-up cotton/poly tweed fringe; an  ivory/white pearl trim jacket; a 4-pocket tweed black-white poly/cotton blend jacket.


I picked up some Peter Nygard tank tops (my favorites) while I was there.  I got a black, hot pink and white.  I have to buy whites and blacks so often.  They seem to "yellow" or "fade" quickly.