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*KITTENS: FINAL CHAPTER* Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

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I think the last time I did one of these thrifting threads was pre-lockdowns. Pics from my thrifting adventures from May...


ETA:  I did not purchase any of these items...I just took pics to post to show what's available in my local thrift stores.  Only a few of these items would I have purchased had they fit.  

These are from my local Goodwill. Tops $5, jackets $6. Not one thing wrong with any of these, and they all looked brand new to me...

#1 Susan Graver

#2 Karen Scott

#3 D&Co

#4 Fly London, $39.99...had these fit, they would be in my closet (not that I'm a big fan of FL, but they looked brand new, and it's quite possible I'll be needing this kind of support in the near future)!

#5  7 For Mankind longline denim jacket

#6 Did you notice the poodle skirt behind the 7 for Mankind jacket? Handmade...poodle applique alone worth the $5

#7    Indigo Moon, New With Q Tags

#8(a)   White Lafayette 148 ruffled cotton jacket and silky, feminine Anthropologie blouse (both would be in my closet had they fit)


These are from my favorite local charity thrift...

#9(a)  This is the one I wanted...too small 



#10(a)   Marla Wynne (waaay too big and fabric reminiscent of Chicos travelers or JJill wearever...meh)


#11(a)   LOGO...just okay...print was pretty, but didn't like the high/low and that you could see the white backing.



These were at my other favorite local charity thrift...

#13  Saks Fifth Ave Folio...$6 for the shell, $10 cardi...gorgeous!

#14  Ann Klein...gorgeous!  $4

Not thrifting, but...
(1) it's a pic of me in my natural habitat for posterity 😁and (2) at the Rack several years ago...Lafayette 148 leather (like buttah!!) jacket.  Original price something like $1850.00, Rack price around $400.  OH how I wanted this jacket, friends!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted from about we all stop somewhere for a drink before going home?  😁  Hope y'all have a wonderful week.

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

That was fun. Thanks for posting.

That leather jacket was beautiful and fit you so well!

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

just curious what city u find these amazing deals? my thrift is basically junkCat LOL

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

Oh my....that leather jacket is gorgeous. It fits you to perfection.


I have not gone thrifting for so long. My favorite consignment places either closed or changed ownership. Never saw the kind of deals you get.

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

Last week I donated a huge box of tops and pants to Goodwill all purchased from QVC including D&C, Susan Graver and Woman with Control. I lost alot of weight over the last couple of years went from a large to a size small so I had to make room for my new tops and bottoms. I do hope it helps someone. I tried to make the donation to another thrift store prior to Goodwill but they were not taking any new donations ! When I walked into the store it was packed with shoppers with the majority being women at the clothes racks. Woman LOL  

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

I recently revisited my local Humane Society Thrift for the first time since Covid.      It USED to be almost like a "boutique"...pristine items at 10¢ on the dollar.       


Now it's more like the city dump.    The DONATIONS are just NOT THERE.

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

@MacDuFF - You got some amazing buys! Enjoy wearing them!


Our local thrift stores won't take "shopping channel clothes." I wish they would. Most of the clothes there seem like they are for millennials. 

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

Nope, I shop retail. These styles are so dated. They look old and very used. I'm certainly not digging the styles but that's just matter of taste. I'll pass.

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...

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OMG....I want that 🇺🇸 denim jacket!! What a find. I. Love. It! Chicos?'d I miss that...I'm there from time to time...use to go for my mom, but also there's one in our local casino, I sometimes get jeans at. Dang. Love it. Not my size either. Though I'm a 4...I'd wear it oversized even but size 8 would be too big, fall off my shoulders etc. I do own one size 8 jacket my cousin gave to me once and for what ever reason, (8P so sometimes that fits like a 6 regular) it fits me ok. Anyhow...I it.


That out of the way, lol...great finds and great point @MacDuFF I have been meaning to go to two different thrift stores in CT, one in a town I'll be in on Thursday for something else; maybe I'll leave early and go there first. Also a local Goodwill store I've never been to a few towns over. The Goodwill I donate to in my town is only a drop-off center. Years ago, I went only once to a GW (though I've thrifted in other stores) and the GW wasn't a great experience...this was over 20 years ago. I'm willing to give it another go...I know many do it now, and have seen a local influencer film inside this one...looks nicer. Having gotten a lot of clothing at cost while working as a clothing buyer, it's still hard for me to pay full retail...I have to really love it.


Thanks for posting...enjoy your great finds! 🥼👚👖

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Re: Why I May Never Shop Retail Again 6/2/24...



Such great things and at wonderful prices!  No wonder you shop there!  Our gw and thrift shops don't carry much of anything good any more.  A couple of years ago I found amazing things there.  I got brand new suede pants, designer purses, etc.  Not any more!  

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