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From blog:


I know there are many of you who have been waiting for the pull-on Ponte pant to come back…….It’s HERE….in reg and petite sizes, Black, Walnut and Navy.

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Those are my favorite pants I was lucky enough to get all the colors. I was hoping he may add another color or two.

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Funny, I came over here specifically to let the LL's know I had found the ponte knit pants just now while browsing Linea. The petite number is A256444.
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I also saw on Louis' blog that he didn't think he had the time to show us sneak peeks for th3 Monday show. I guess there are new things coming but we will have to rely on the Q's pictures or wait until the show to see items styled.

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Great news! Love those pants.

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Hi ladies....does anyone know the item number of these ponte pants? There are so many styles I'm not sure which ones he means. Love them all but like the ones that are slightly more narrow in the leg...
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Item A237394 Regular and A256444 Petite - Black, Navy and Walnut.

Linea by Louis DellOlio Regular Pull-on Ponte Knit Pants

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Glad to see these back, as I need one size down. They did stretch a bit.

In November, these pants were $45 with $6.72 S & H. Now they are $48 with $3.00 S & H but no discount on multiples. Just saying…

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Heads up, Ladies: I just ordered a pair in black. They are going fast once again.