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Re: Just a thought, QVC

This subject has been discussed for years, and at one point QVC was doing the old buy one - pay full price shipping, buy two of the same item, shipped to the same address - pay 1/2 of shipping price. Of course, that didn’t really help us because it was limited help at best.


They offer EZ Pay because then you don’t “feel” the high costs of their items - initially. So the EZ Pays help them sell more stuff because most people can afford MORE stuff when all they’re looking at is that small monthly amount. So it’s good for QVC’s bottom line.  


But heres the thing on their shipping costs...that’s a profit line item for them, as well. They negotiate their shipping rates with the companies who handle their shipping. They sell LOTS of merchandise and they don’t pay full price shipping because of the bulk they ship. After subtracting their true shipping costs, the extra they charge us is pure profit. Multiply that extra few bucks profit by millions (billions?) of items shipped in a year, and that’s a lot of gravy.


When you go to UPS to ship an item, you pay full price. Any large company who does a lot of shipping, negotiates with the shipping companies for reduced rates. When I need to ship something back to QVC, or gifts to my grandkids, my husband takes the packages to his work and ships through his company paying the company’s negotiated price for the shipping. It’s several dollars cheaper than if we went to UPS directly. 


QVC charges for shipping because they can make a profit off it. It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of businesses offering free shipping - BOTH WAYS (so even on returns) - QVC doesn’t care. As long as enough of their customers continue shopping here, paying for shipping...there’s no incentive for them to change. It works for them...and that’s why they continue to charge for it. 

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