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Jennifer Coffey had on a cute jump suit today, anyone know where it’s from?
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No but it looked awful on her.  First, it was summer look.  She might have got away with it if it was a 99 degreee day in July.  In March, it looked silly.  Second, the top was skimpy looking, she needed a jacket or cardigan.   

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Hi @Runner8261  and welcome to the Community.  I don't see it sold here and I can't seem to find one like it online.  I was hoping Jennifer would have posted a picture of herself in it on her facebook page and also hoped a viewer would have asked her about it so I could give you the information but alas she did not.



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Hello @Runner8261 .  Jennifer is pretty good about responding to questions about her outfits if you ask her on her FB page.  It may take a few hours, or a day, after her last show, but she will probably answer there.

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@Chrystaltree   I totally agree and then some. She should not wear this again.

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I agree that it was totally cute. If you find an answer I hope you share! I could easily see it with a little cropped black sweater in fall and a cardigan in spring. It can definitely carry three seasons depending on where you live. 


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How about an item number for the video?

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@Andreatoo wrote:

How about an item number for the video?

@Andreatoo  She was on w/ Nick Chavez today.



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@Runner8261   Did you check New Arrivals & see if the jumpsuit was there?  Sometimes the hosts will wear something from an upcoming show.  

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Lol, No cover up needed she Rocked that Jumpsuit....