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Re: Joggers in the summer months

IWhy so many joggers especially now when it's warm or hot.Personally can't imagine wearing then now.

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I don't like joggers or leggings.  I own 1 pair of Anybody joggers (got caught in the hype) in the cozy knit and yes they are very nice.  BUT i only wear them around the house.  Would never wear them out of the house except to go for a walk.  Heels? GIve me a break.

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I didn't even know they were in style again until i started watching QVC and HSN again in the spring (I stopped for several years for some reason).   I don't see them here in Southern CA but maybe will in cooler months.  I have been tempted but would never spend a lot to wear around the house.  But Costco has a Fila pair on sale right now so I might grab a pair and see what the hype is all about.  I'll take a chance for $11.99 with free shipping and I can return to store, if needed.  

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Q pushing them doesn't always mean they are popular; it may mean they have too many and they want to get rid of them. I was given a pair of winter pjs with jogger bottoms. Thought they would be nice and warm...but the bottoms creep up when I get into bed and are uncomfortable...and my ankles and calves are cold. I don't think joggers look good on anyone I have seen thus far. Maybe they look better in the gym.