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Jockey Briefs - Elance

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I used to buy Fruit of the Loom and Pink at Kmart years ago in the briefs. 11 years ago to be exact! They have lasted forever and have never shrunk. I am still wearing them but they are too big now. I can't believe they never tore or shrunk esp for a pack of 8 for 8.00! lol

I have been on the search for more and decided to try the Jockey Elance on their website after trying Rhonda Shear. Those were terrible and didn't cover the rear.

I got the Jockey's today and my search has ended I think depending on how they wash 100% cotton.


Thank you to the poster that posted about them last week. Finally a brief that covers the rear. I went up a size according to their size chart. Glad I did.

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I've been wearing these for years. Best underwear I've ever had, longest lasting, most comfortable. 


I keep enough in the drawer for at least three weeks, and several packages in reserve. I hope to never be without these. 

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Been a customer of Jockey for years.I also live in the city that they are made.Best briefs ever!

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@luvmyteddy Yay!  Glad you are happy with them!


I posted that last week. I've been wearing only Jockey French cut elance since Jockey first started making womens' underwear.


Remember the jingle? "Look who's wearing Jockey now, Jockey For Her" as it was originally called.


You couldn't give me any other brand of underwear.


About 2X a year I order a 3 pack and toss an old pair. They seem to wear like iron. I have enough pairs to last me 21 days straight.

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I wear the french cut also .... I can't stand silky underwear

and the high cut madke them look a little less granny panty ..!!!


love them ....

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I also have backups lol, bikini for me.

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Once I discovered Jockey panties from their website, I've bought nothing else. I got rid of everything else that I had! I have a drawer full of Jockey's soft french cut and wouldn't wear anything else!

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My underwear are never the same size as my outerwear! What is up with that??

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Re: Jockey Briefs - Elance

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I love and wear the Elance briefs all the time.


But sometimes the Elance hipsters if I'll be out in public and my jeams/pants/capris have a lower rise.

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I had a honey coupon so I ordered 6 more. 

The only thing is I wish the waist band was alittle less elastic and more like no seam. 

I probably should have ordered a different cut but was afraid the high cut might not have covered the rear as well.

At least I'm covered now.

I ordered some hipsters in another brand and they were so low on the hips. Maybe something inbetween high waist and hipster.