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Joan Boyce leopard print pj's

I just got these today from HSN. They were $19.95 and $1.99 shipping! Wish I'd gotten more! The mediums are all gone now, but xs and s are still available. They're very soft, the waistband has a tie, but they're not tight around the waist! This is my first JB purchase and I'm sure I'll be back for more!

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Re: Joan Boyce leopard print pj's

I want those PJs so bad! How heavy are they?

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Re: Joan Boyce leopard print pj's

I almost bought those but in reading the reviews, didn't know what to do about sizing. Some were saying they ran very small and others said they ran true to size.

I hate oversized, sloppy looking pjs but I don't want tight pjs either. I ended up passing.

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Re: Joan Boyce leopard print pj's

I had no interest in those pjs. I hate heavy and hot pjs. I prefer lightweight cotton. I like oversized t shirts and regular sized bottoms. I rarely buy sets. I thought those were some kind of fleece material which would be too hot and heavy for me.

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