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O M G! WHAT is she thinking? The most universally unflattering item on anyone!

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Just turned on qvc...first thought was, who picked out that skirt?? Can't find anything flattering about it.  So not a good choice



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Are you talking about the black, grey, and white skirt with geometric patterns?  I wouldn't call it plaid but what do I know.  I think it looks good with her ensemble.

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I was on the phone with my mom, and we both had Jill on, and both commented that we liked her skirt.


But what do we know about fashion.

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I wonder what Jill would think of what you wore today?

You probably don't care - and I'm sure she doesn't either

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Re: Jill's BIG plaid skirt

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@Alsee wrote:

I wonder what Jill would think of what you wore today?

You probably don't care - and I'm sure she doesn't either

But she probably isn't on television in front of milions of viewers and probably also doesn't sometimes do fashion shows, as Jill does.  That is a big difference.  So I thought your answer was very unfair.

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Love the colors...gray, black, white. The pattern, not so much. 

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To me, it looks like a throwback to the "mod" look of the 1960's.

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I saw Jill and didn't think anything was wrong with her outfit.  If she liked it and felt good in it, that's all that matters. 

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I give her high marks for not being terrified to wear something that isn't "flattering" or "her best look." It tells me she is confident enough to wear something she thinks is neat or pretty and enjoy the day. To me it says she isn't obsessed with what people think about her, or too worried about every little of appearance to enjoy life. I always admire people like that--and have a lot of friends like that! We look nice and are always clean and very well groomed and have our hair in a nice cut--and beyond that we enjoy ourselves and give us room to wear what we think is pretty.