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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@VCamp2748 wrote:

Who is Jill Martin?

She is the vendor/rep for G.I.L.I. brand. 

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

I bought these from Alloy Fashion, camo skinny jeans. 



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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@occasionalrain wrote:

What do you think of them? They look odd to me and not flattering.


Very unflattering, and the shoes don't go with them at all. Also, the price is ridiculous.

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@Iwantcoffee wrote:

IMO, camo is for hunting and serving in military. I do not like it for fashion. I think the shoes looked odd with the pants.



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 I love some camo pants.  I just don't like these pants.  They are 100% cotton, have no stretch and look bulky.  They add weight on her.  


I like my lllemon camo pants.


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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

I think they look great on her.  Loving the shoes too.

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@foundinlv wrote:

Jill Martin's camo pants are too baggy and the $94 price tag just ridiculous.   Lisa R wore camo pants recently on her FB and they were super cute and tapered at the ankle to be worn with sandals.   Don't know where she got hers but big difference.  

This was my impression too. They are too baggy.  I saw a photo of her with the camo pants and yesterday's TSV GILI jacket and thought the ensemble looked horrible.  Mostly it was the too baggy pants.  

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

I think camo looks silly on anyone other than Military or someone going on a hunting trip.  And especially silly on middle aged women,no matter how nice their figure.  

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@MaggieMack wrote:

@RU4 real wrote:

I'm a veteran and I don't appreciate the use of camouflage material for "fashion". Smiley Frustrated

@RU4 real,

I wish I could convince you to feel otherwise. I remember when all my friends came home from Nam to vilification and derision from the public. Camo was a fashion Do Not Wear then. Today, I wear it with a sense of pride and support for all of the young people who devote and sacrifice their lives to saving ours. I just wish a percentage of every sale of Camo anything was sent to a charity that supports the military. I would wear more!

You would not understand unless you've personally served; especailly in war time. Please, I encourage you, if you wish to honor our Veterans support your local VFW, American Legion Post or visit a disabled veteran and have a converstion. To be fair not ALL camo patterns look like military gear... I'm speaking to Military colors and pattern for use in fashion.

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

@RU4 real, I am asking for your knowledge here because I honestly don't know the answer to my question: Does the Military still use the green Camo like in the Gili line? I could be operating under a misconception, but I thought the current camo pattern was that digitized, little squares, version. Often in brown for sand deployments. Also, I am happy to say I do support Military charities and ALWAYS thank a serviceman/woman for their service whether active or not. I had to go to an orthopedist last year and did a little research on him before my visit. He had served in Iraq. When I walked in for my appt, I held up my hand and said, "Wait, before we get into me, I want to express my gratitude to you for your service in defense of America." Astounded him. I think I got extra special care that day.

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Re: Jill Martin's Camo Pants

how about this print?