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Re: Jill Martin Bumblebella

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@debfau wrote:

So last night I was watching the Cuddle Duds show and Rosina had a pair of pants that were kinda similar to those.

cuddl Duds Cloud Fleece Lounge Pant.png

I bought that three of that Lacey somebody’s sherpa cardigan and the matching pants sets when she had a TSV on HSN. They are super comfy and wash well. I have no complaints. I think all the sherpa shaming on here is ridiculous. Some of the stuff people post on here of their homes and purchases is hideous to me, and I use the back button on those threads. I see no reason to ridicule other people’s choices. 

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On a fashion forum people are going to comment on the fashions. I agree that comments of a personal nature can certainly come across as unkind.

These joggers are not my style, but if they work for other people I hope they enjoy wearing.

Hope everyone has a great day just chilling, eating cookies and preparing for a happy holiday season.

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