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I didn't watch, but I looked at a video.  Jill looks great and presents as a classic example of appearing to have lost 20 lbs by ditching her straight leg pants in favor of a sleaker, more current look.  

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For the record she's had the tsv on the whole time but I preferred it with the sweater or blazer she was wearing before with the scarf to the leather jacket she now has on.

I like her glasses too and I think she looks really good in them

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Jill is a seasoned pro compared to many of the hosts on QVC.  She gets the job ✅ done. No wasting time, getting off track  or going off on crazy tangents about what you ate for breakfast.  It is all about what she is selling.

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I like Jill's jeans -- that's it.   Cat Tongue

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Jill is in the TSV -wore it w/ GILI leather  jacket and now w/ a LOGO vest ( not a scarf I think). She looks good and is killing it as far as explaining everything :colors, measurements, how too wear it ,additional questions one might have and  is including tips. She is a great host... informs the consumers . That is what I want not all the talking about whatever ! I would like to see her do these Monday shows more often...rotate it among the ladies so it does not get so same-o same-o!!! 

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@Andreatoo, I can't tell what she is wearing on top, is that ruffle obvious? I can't see it. I am seriously wondering about my eyeglass rx....I think she looks great no matter what.

Just kind of wondering about my eyesight. The joys of getting aging Smiley Happy

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Has she said what jeans she is wearing?

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I agree.  Her presentations are the best.  She looks so stylish - more so than years ago.  I can say the same for myself.  When my children were young, I wasn't so stylish, just busy volunteering and thinking of their activities.  I went from stylish to momish and now I feel stylish again.  LOL.   

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Jill always does a good job on her shows.   I wish I knew when she was coming on to set my DVR.   She looked awesome and I do too love her jeans..  Smiley Wink If someone finds out.. let us all know.  Thanks

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I'm really enjoying her today and she looks great. I would like to know the brand of her jeans.  Love them.