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Looks especially good this afternoon! I think the entire look is very flattering to her figure!

And I really like the scarf!

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She does look nice... 

I like her hair today as well Smiley Happy

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She does look great!

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Weird to see her in jeans rather than her mom pants - nice change. 

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You made me look 👀.  She does look cute. 

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Just looked, she does look very good in that outfit.


PS you spelled it correctly  

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Looks great, and she is  not wearing that Logo TSV.  Think the cardigan is a Halston that they only have 2 colors left in stock.  The jeans are adorable turned up. Love her hair length right now.

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I think her glasses look pretty on her too. They actually coordinate with the outfit.

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You know, I didn't used to like her presentations a ong time ago.  I can't say why, I think I felt like she was a bit upity (sp)...but then I decided I was wrong and "I" needed an attitude adjustment.  Ha!


She still isn't my favorite but she gives really good presentations.  She's informative and speaks clearly, I just like the way she presents the the items.  She always looks nice.

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Jill is wearing the TSV with a LOGO vest w/scarf drape front over top (no added scarf). She looks fabulous.

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