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She's wearing a black and silver necklace.  Does anyone know the brand?  It's very pretty.  

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I would like to know s well! I called qvc they had no information. I also searched the internet and couldn't find it.

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Go to her facebook page and ask her. She will tell you.


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Thanks! I will .

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@Mysfgiants It's a Scott Kay necklace. It's from QVC, but I believe it's been sold out for a while. I have it - and really love it.

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@Mysfgiants  I thought during her two-hour LOGO show that she was wearing a LOGO Links necklace but never did get a real closeup look at it.  I thought it could be J330179  shortened up to be more choker length, but I may not even have seen the same necklace you are referencing.