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Jeans with holes for $79.-?  Seen on QVC new items.  Really?! 

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This is one of the many crazy trends we have been subjected to over the last few years.


When they look back at the pictures, I am sure they will be saying “ What were we thinking ? “. And, we paid money to wear the stuff.


If you check out clearance areas in stores and websites, you will be numb from looking at all the rejects reflecting these dumb styles.  Amazing that women can be fooled into thinking they look wonderful in these clothes !!!!


i have saved a lot of was easy just looking at the offerings here and elsewhere.

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I actually don't think $79 is a lot for ripped jeans. But QVC has just started carrying this trend NOW?? It's been around so long its already out. Typical.

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My age is showing.  I've never, ever understood why anyone would want to pay good money for ripped jeans, much less wear them in public.  Not attractive at all, IMHO.

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My niece is an adult with her own older child now, but I can remember when she asked me to buy her a pair of jeans that had holes in them. At first I looked at the jeans and then the price, and I told her I have jeans in my rag bin that look like that. You may have them. Her answer was no, they have to be new, not old. It's a fad that both then and now I don't understand. Ripped or torn clothing just isn't something I'll pay top dollar for. 

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 My 12 year old Granddaughter knows I won’t buy her jeans or pants with holes torn in them. 

  We were shopping recently and she went up to the clerk with jeans that had holes. I reminded her that I won’t buy those. She replied:” She is holding them until tomorrow because my Mom will pick them up”.

   I held my tongue because her Mom (not my daughter) wears jeans with holes everywhere!🙄

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I believe Goodwill has the answer to saving money on holy jeans!  They have displayed this trend for years for less than five dollars.

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I guess you wouldn't like the raw hems that have taken over in the last couple years, either.  I wear it all!  Ripped, torn, raw hems.  I like it.  It's a look.  You can even dress it up!  

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I am really old and I totally understand it.  It is like worn leather chairs, distressed white furniture you see so often.  It's a look, it looks cool to some, it is something different.


The only REALLY cool jeans are the ones a good lookin' real working cowboy wears that fit him like a second skin, are faded and go with his good looks and big smile!


But faded, ripped, it's a look.  It's Ralph Lauren view of the world and what is cool.


AND it's a fad.  No harm done fad!  And it's fun to wear.  Not for me, but I'm too old.  If I were 30?  Sure, I'd wear them.

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I don't mind a little distressing, or a bleached faded denim, but the ones with the holes in the knees and holes in the thigh area and down the leg are ridiculous.  Remember the shredded jeans look in the 80's?  Def Leppard, Cher among others all wore them.  Looked like kitty kat took a liking to the jeans and had at it. 


I guess its a cool look for a younger generation.

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