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@Grouchomarx wrote:


P.S. Somebody should tell other denim retailers such as Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom, etc. that ripped jeans are already out ... they all have lots of them!

What makes you think they're "already out" if all the stores are still carrying them???? Makes no sense.  Everyone is wearing them, they are at this point a staple not a trend, and there is no "in" or "out" with them.  Denim styles have become very fluid and there aren't any rules nowadays like 20 years ago. You can wear anything from a flare to skinny crop to a straight leg, in any finish you want, and pair it with almost anything.

Wait a minute. To clarify, I don't think they're already out -- that was sarcasm. I was responding to another poster who said "But QVC has just started carrying this trend NOW?? It's been around so long its already out. Typical."

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I would never consider myself to be on the cutting edge of fashion. But I also tire of styles once the market place becomes saturated with them. 


In cleaning my closet, I was conflicted about a pair of distressed/ripped jeans, several years old, that did show a bit too much skin for what I now want in my wardrobe, but they are one of my favorite fits. 


I purchased three different fabrics (Ouch! One of them cost $49 a yard) and made patches unraveled on all 4 sides. I am more than pleased with the way they turned out for a pair of knock around jeans.


Different strokes...

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The "shabby chic" look doesn't just have to apply to furniture!  Woman LOL

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