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All the Mom Jeans, Dad Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans?

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Gotta have new trends all the time to keep us consumers buying more and more. If we only bought "classic" style clothing, (instead of new trends), there would be less money made by retailers. I don't blame them for that; I just understand it.

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Am so glad I kept my basic, denim straight-leg and slim-leg jeans.  I think I will be wearing them again this fall. I never have liked leggings but love jeggings if they are sized up so they aren't form-fitting. 

I don't need to buy any jeans! 

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I won't be buying any new jeans either. I wear demi-boot cut jeans almost exclusively. Everyone has their favorite.
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New time's called different descriptions. That's all. I don't read into vendor description as much as the measurements and how they look. Same could be said about "flares" as apposed to "wide leg". Different names, different vendors. I don't bother with such things. 

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Boyfriend jeans are comfortable.
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I must be watching different fashion shows because every time I see jeans they are all super tight and the waist looks low on the models.  Nothing boyfriend or mom about them.

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My styles never change.  


I only wear straight, flare or wide leg in jeans or any other kind of pants.


No fadding, whiskering, holes or fringe.  

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I'm just happy when I find a pair that fits and I'm comfortable in. I don't want to look like a stuffed sausage. I don't care if they're mom jeans, boyfriend or whatever. As long as I look decent and they fit, I'm happy.

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Here-here!  I agree with you, for sure!  

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