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Re: Jean overload

So many brands, so many styles, so many washes ....


If we got one of each, we all need a separate huge jean closet for sure!

I can just hear my husband now 😂!...

”You need what???? ....” hahahahaha!! 


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Re: Jean overload

Not a fan of jeans.  Haven't worn them in many years.  I do wear dark indigo denim pants - the D&C original waist pants that have been around since the beginning of time.


Even with them ... they aren't appropriate to wear everywhere.  

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Re: Jean overload

I do not wear, nor own, jeans.


Too many years wearing them to work (plant nursery).


I found a D&Co french terry pant that I loved and have many pairs, in lots of colors (it's a style they don't offer anymore).

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Re: Jean overload

Jeans are a staple for me and I'm glad there are so many styles to choose from. I do not I'm allowed to wear them to work which is also a plus for having many pairs in my closet. I'm also glad they're not shying away from elastic waist. I know many here think elastic waist pants should be banned from the earth but not this plus size gal! They're comfortable and they can be super-stylish today. And since I don't wear sweatpants or yoga pants, it's nice to have a comfort jean option. Fashion should not be physically painful.



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Re: Jean overload

I just saw these on Evine's website.  I have never heard of this brand before French Dressing Jeans.  I kind of like them.


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Re: Jean overload

@Grouchomarx Thanks for that information about the Skinny Girl jeans. I'm down a size but I still don't want my jeans to fit and look like that. So they're a no for me.

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Re: Jean overload

I have to force myself to NOT buy any more jeans. If I buy a new top, it seems I just automatically start looking at jeans too. Lol. Remember a year or so back when all the talk on these boards was about how jeans were out of fashion and probably would be for quite some time?
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Re: Jean overload

I dress up jeans all the time.  Wear them to work with a jacket and heels.  Wear them out to dinner too, wlth a dressy blouse.  


I just got a pair of jeans the other day.  I spend the entire day today doing yard work.  Super comfortable.

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Re: Jean overload

[ Edited ]


I saw those too but they're a little bit pricey for something I don't know anything about.

I almost bought a pair of the mod x with the bundle shipping this morning but I think I'm going to wait till they go back down in price again


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Re: Jean overload

I have too much of everything and I'm not buying anything else for awhile.