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@I am still oxox


butterfly, I think OXOX is right


Thanks OXOX

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IMO it was foolish of QVC not to indicate the item numbers of everything Jayne is wearing in that photo that QVC sells.  

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I went to A239820 and watched the video, and I think that is the coat she is wearing.  If you look very closely at the video, you will see them button the coat and it may look like furrier hooks, but they are toggle closures.  I am thinking about ordering it in the cream.  Love it.

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Merry Christmas!  A lot of times they are photographed in new items that will be presented soon, like the Clark"s TSV.

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@I am still oxox


Thanks to all of you for your for your wonderful responses.  I looked at the coat and I wish I was one of the sizes that is available, but alas I am not. Thanks for your time and fashion detective work.  When I first looked at the coat I didn't see all the details that some of you mentioned. You are fabulous!  Thanks again, I appreciate all of you.

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My response was in no specific order and I don't understand the boards enough to understand why some names showed up in color and others did not.  I appreciate you all!

Thank you everyone.

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I know the hat is Bethany Mota!

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