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Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

I've been noticing several 1800 flowers ads featuring JW's floral arrangements.


The clothing worn by the models in the ads I've seen is so much nicer than the stuff I saw presented on QVC.

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Re: Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

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Re: Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

@ALRATIBA maybe more like his line from Saks-   Looks lovely, but many 4 figure price tags.  I had to google him last week  - had no idea who he was

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Re: Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

I don't think there are a lot of fans of this clothes so far.  I don't like anything I've seen from him.  I've seen his clothing on various sites They're kind tacking to me. Here's one that seems to sum it up

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Re: Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

@songbird   That outfit is hideous (IMHO).  I wasn't too impressed with his line the other night when it premiered although I did really like that cable knit sweater.

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Re: Jason Wu - fashion / flowers

IM had something similar once upon a time (in the last two years or so, featuring the gingham patterns if I recall correctly).  I like his style and loved his personality on the show he had with SK.  Very down to earth, not full of himself, and having a lot of fun.  Not too shabby to have dressed a former first lady many times, I could care less about the "stars" he designs for.  I did order two of the fisherman sweaters, they were good prices and if I do not like them they will go back.