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I don't buy from him. I do not like his designs at all. I see his clothes at Saks. I did not like anything he there either. 

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 I bought 3 dresses and a couple of tops . I liked  many of his florals  as some patterns he used were unique to me.

 However , a few tops were made from fabric that I did not like so, returned a  top or two.

Hope he comes back . I think he had the best  interaction   with Katrina Z .

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Who is Katrina Z. @skatting44 ?

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@KBEANS wrote:

His ankle length Knit City Pant is one of the nicest and best fitting that I've purchased on QVC. Someone on this forum alerted me to these pants.


They're on clearance now.  If they have your size grab them. They are sold out in mine or I would have repurchased these.


I hope his line is not being discontinued.

I wait listed the navy, as black was gone.  They look nice, & remind me of some Linea pants I have.  Thanks!

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@San Antonio Gal 

 meant to write Katrina Szish .