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Is there anything they won't do to a pair of Denim jeans?  Where's the matching bra?

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Image result for shocked dog face

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You mean they are real??    I thought it was a joke.


Good grief.

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@greeneyedlady wrote:

They're $315.00! I was going to buy a pair for pumpkin picking, but that's out of my price range.


You don't think they'd be worth it to wear to your house of worship?


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Looks like a denim diaper. LOL!!!

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@Nightowlz I was just thinking the same thing! Looks like toddler wear! The model's expression says it all!!!

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Yeah right, those would rub you raw in a nano second.   Pain in the but to say the least. That model don't look to happy about wearing them either.  😂


I can't quit laughing ! 🙈  Ridiculous!!


Thanks for the laugh!

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Are these to be worn under clothing or like the model shown is wearing them? Cat LOL

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10d9cdea-221c-4ad4-8b3f-68d308537fcb - Edited.jpg

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Wonder if they come in a thong style. 

I really do not even want to know. 😂


What a totally stupid and ridiculously priced fashion item!

I think we all need at least two weeks worth, don’t you? 😂


These designers, what hat do they pull these ideas out of?.......



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