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Did anyone check out or actually see the presentation last eve by Jane Treacy (fri-yay show)? I don't watch but I will check out items in shows I miss, even in this one.


Jane had a DuJour dress in the show that she and Brenda revealed. What a great dress this was, quite lovely, dressy too. They both looked great in them (2 different color ways). This style is perfect for Jane too as she imho wears this style so well.


If you saw it, what did you think?

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I think Jane wore the dress well but I would have liked her better in the snake print that the model Brenda had on.  There was something about the plaid on the see through overlay at the bottom of the dress (with her legs showing through) that bothered me. 

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Re: Jane's Dress Last Night

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 Both of the prints were nice , I had thought abt ordering the  dress in the print the model wore , but decided to look for  what items GILI  line offered. I ordered a GILI.


  I did not like the "  dance "  that  Jane was demonstrating on air - she called it nasty cat.

 I think that  " dance party  " episode  with that pop star  selling shoes  must still  be playing in  her head

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It was a very interesting looking dress, and it actually did flatter Jane, and that is saying a lot because most of what Jane wears is not flattering at all on her body type.