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she's a size small on bottom, lol


Smiley Tongue

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You will be POOFED!

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I'm a medium on the





Only at the Q am I a medium so anything is possible.

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Re: Jane just said.......

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A "medium" is 8-10.  Jane may be a ten or loose eight ON TOP!


I've designed and sold clothes.

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I know it will probably be poofed but just couldn't let that one go Smiley Happy


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In her dreams maybe !!

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It's no more ridiculous than the insane prices for tissue paper thin tops.


...and sorry for the blank post earlier. I sneezed and hit the post button by mistake. Lol! 

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We are talking Q sizing................


there is no way I'm an 8-10 and the Q's medium pants are just comfortable and look nice, no pulling, no tugging etc.


I also bought a sweater coat from H by Halston in a Small.....

I just wondered what size other women bought that were actually a small.



I love shopping the Q's clothing, there is no where else I can say I'm a small and medium................only at the Q.

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...and she loves them and is buying them. 

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Wonder if she means in Q sizing?

The Q uses vanity sizing to make us all think we are smaller than we are. Pfftt.

I mean Denim and Co had shirt on this morning that the xxs was a 38 inch bust. This place is an alternate universe.


If she's talking about those Rinna  pants she has on she may well be...

Small measurements are 30 in waist and 40-44 in hip. Pfftt.