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Jane looks great in the top she’s wearing. Color and shape is perfect
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I like the top, the jeans do not flatter her.

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I think it looks great on her too!  Good choice for her.

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I liked top and jeans.

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I wouldn't call it "hippie," but I like everything about it--even the purse. But then, she always looks nice.



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Re: Jane in Haute Hippie

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@moonlady I think they are talking about Jane Treacy, the QVC hosting tonight's show for the brand Haute Hippie

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I also thought the OP was talking about Jane Treacy, but maybe not.

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If we're talking about Jane Treacy, she doesn't strike me as the Haute Hippie type.  But I didn't see the show so I can't comment on any specific outfit she was wearing.  She just seems more suited to that 50s retro style she favors.  

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Prices too high! Saidy? 


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Sorry can't and won't watch any show the JT is host of---drives me completely insane!!!!! Not a fan!!!!!