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Seriously why do people comment on their dislike of the host and that they won't watch, when the topic was regarding how she looked in an outfit. 


It was just a pair of jeans, and she looked so nice in the top I purchased the white because it was so unusual.

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@lmtep  Seriously someone posted I Love Courtney and you posted “ I don’t like her and she’s on wayyyyyyyyyy too much for me. In your post today you’re commenting on people posting about their dislike of hosts. You don’t make any sense.

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I just looked it up and the top does look nice on Jane.  Not crazy about the jeans or her shoes.  Prices on these items are way too least for me.  The line is nothing I would usually wear without trying on first.



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@Leggett28 I'm sorry you don't understand that it was a different topic.  The topic was what Jane was wearing.

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I remember when Haute Hippie used to be sold in higher end department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc.  It seems they are now only sold on QVC.