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Re: Jane Tracey Never Looked Better

And then she put on that terrible top one can look good in that top.  I thought she would change for her shoe show.  She must like it.

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Re: Jane Tracey Never Looked Better


I love Jane and she has a wonderful aura about her, like happinessSmiley Happy


Hi @LindaSal

I haven't watched QVC on TV in years and years.  I occasionally watch a video on my computer.  But, I used to watch fairly regularly, and I have to agree with you.  I think Jane is genuinely joyful.   


And, she did look lovely yesterday, @occasionalrain.

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Re: Jane Tracey Never Looked Better

I think her hair style has been softer lately too.  By that I mean it has been gelled up or too short, and too dark.  It washed her out. I am a slightly darker skintone (not much though) and I went too dark with my hair color- almost black, and I looked so washed out, and sickly pale. So that is my take on what I think the change could be.  Or maybe, it is nothing and we are just looking for something that isn't there. Smiley Wink