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@JavaQueen  Seriously, a size 2 or 4 - yeah this is a turn off!!!!!!!


I agree with Jackie being stuffed into sizes that are clearly too small a lot of the time.  Why do they do this to most all of these models?  Don't you feel way uncomfortable when you try on clothes that are too small?  I sure do.  I know I've put on weight all around the mid section.  I've needed to go up in size - or a couple of sizes. Then I try something on and it looks awful because I'm too fat for the item for it to look nice on me and feel good on.  Makes me mad and sick all at the same time. It's my fault I know and I get it.  Many factors for my weight I'll admit but I certainly do not stuff myself into clothes that just don't fit thinking it'll be okay because it really isn't.


So I'm at a loss as to why these models aren't true to themselves and their size and model for the millions of us who watch the fashion programs here on the Q.  The Q size charts are not true to each line.  No one designer is remotely the same to the next designer. How can QVC put up one size chart and say ALL designers here match their size chart?  THEY DO NOT and never have.  It's no wonder there's so many returns on garments because we look at the size chart and it never matches the measurements of any line here.


This is why I don't buy clothes here anymore.  It's turned into a total guessing game figuring out what size of anything to buy from any designer here.  I don't have the time, patience OR MONEY to buy/return/buy/return - and then they have the nerve to send to hate mail about how many items we return!

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@Ibby114  I agree - Lori is constatnly pulling and yanking at the tops models wear in her line.  Cannot stand watching her, cannot fathom spending the money her goods are priced at nowadays.  Her stuff is totally not worth $70+ dollars.  And does she not believe in long sleeves?  I am SO tired of 3/4 sleeves.

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@SharkE  The problem with D&Co is their rubberized 95/5 mix of cotton/span (as SK would say).  That stuff is insane.  I can't understand why most of it feels like rubber but very few times it may feel okay.  Drives me crazy.

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Why are many of you assuming Jackie chooses to come out that way?

The Q has an extensive production crew so I'm quite sure there are more than enough eyes back stage pulling the garments and directing the models.

They also, clearly, have their measurements (they give them to us!)

Just pay attention (STYLISTS) before the girls walk on to the set and in front of the cameras! If the samples don't fit one model you put it on another! Easy peasy!

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If only it was just Jackie!!  I rarely see  models in sizes that are really the right ones for them.  No one wears a jacket that will button - no one.  Blouses tend to gap at the buttonholes or bunch up under the arms if there aren't buttons.  Tees, well I won't even mention those; and the "too short" pants that they have the models roll up are horrid.


Another no no for me is the nodels with the long hair (no matter how lovely the hair may be) allowing the hair to drape to the front and conceal the neck lines of the garments.  I don't buy when that happens either.  If I can't see how something looks when properly fitted, and  you can't see the total effect of the garment, QVC will get no $$ from me.  

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Jackie is my favorite model. I go by how something looks on her, and if it looks good on her, it usually works for me too. I was a size large, now an extra large or even some times a 1x but, I have her shape - pretty much straight up and down with larger girls. I still have size large in my closet - maybe hoping I will eventually fit into them again - ha - that just seems kinda impossible, not unless I totally starve myself or turn into a work out fanatic. ( I do NOT see that happening, so XL it is... )

Anyhow, to me I think all the models should just wear whatever size fits and looks the best and forget about the number. No one I know actually wears a certain size straight across the board in every brand or style. 

And, as far as the length on pants - OMG, I would not be caught dead in a pair of pants that was too short -with  heels or flats! TOO short is TOO short! The taller models really need a longer length, period.

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I watched a few minutes of PMS last night and I came away thinking.....why didn't they put Jackie in clothes fit?  She was modeling a  Gili jacket and the thing was 2 sizes too small, it was painfully obvious that it was 2 sizes too small.  To add insult to injury, she was with (sorry I do not know her name) that tall, thin, exotic African American model who looks like she belongs on a runway in Paris or Milan.  Jackie has a great figure, she would have looked equally amazing if she had a jacket that fit and buttoned up.  Qvc puts hosts in clothes that obviously don't fit and that's fine but they really should avoid doing that with the models.  Especially the plus size models.  We need to know how things look on our body types.  I'm an XL and even if I really really wanted that Gili jacket, I would have assumed it didn't work for larger bodies and passed on it.  I'm sure there are shoppers who did exactly that!

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@SharkE wrote:

I think Maria is pretty well true to size probably could go up one more, but, when Carolyn says "maria, is wearing the same size as me, a size L" Maria, will shake her head no and say no I'm XL.  She's more mature and a Grandma and doesn't have any hang ups.


I applaud her. She wouldn't be happy eating like a size 2 nor would I


It's because Maria used to wear a size L, and when she first went up a size, the hosts often thought she was still in a L. Carolyn and others know by now that she is wearing an XL these days.

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@Justice4all wrote:

Jackie is beautiful.  And she looks beautiful in the right clothes.  


When Jacqui modeled for George Simonton, she always looked lovely.  His clothing was beautiful on her and always fit her well.  

Perhaps part of the problem is the type of clothing she models.  Gili seems to be for a more slender woman.  Logo also seems more suited to the more slender woman.  Just a thought.

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@Andreatoo wrote:

...No one's getting their panties in a bunch (unless the q styled them)...





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